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Savannah kings

Pancho serval ! 

Meet Pancho serval, the newest addition to our family!! We cannot hide how proud we are to get him, Pancho is the perfect serval. He has very white eyespots, a handsome gold coat, and beautiful marking, but that's not all....Pancho is the sweetest cat on eart! It's nice to see where savannahs are from. 


You can follow Pancho & Tikila's story by subscribing to our YOUTUBE channel here:

SPENCER (retired)
Spencer is our young Serval stud that produced F1 Savannahs with our STB queens. Spencer is a BIG boy and so gentle with his girls (and us too!)
JAFFA (Now in heaven)
Jaffa is our experienced and loyal Serval stud!
Our F5 Savannah stud with amazing green eyes that contrast well with his dark nose! He always produces gorgeous kittens! Kovuu is the father of all the f2's we produced in the past, and weighs almost 18 pounds!

Selectexotics MOUFASSA  

Moufassa is our old and loyal savannah stud F5B, this guy is the most calm savannah I have ever had. He passes his very gentle personality and affectionate behavior to his babies. He has a very black marking, a very well striped tail but most of all, SIZE!! Moufassa is definitely the largest fertil savannah we have had over the years. 

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