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retired f 1  female to rehome. Pictures below

Savannah breeder




If you are interested in purchasing a kitten or would like more information please email us. Should you decide to adopt one of our Savannah kittens in Canada or USA, we will send you updated pictures so you can watch your Savannah kitten grow and develop. Savannah Kittens are delivered at approximately 12 weeks of age from Los cabos Mexico, to ensure the kitten will be physically and emotionally ready for his or her forever home. We require a 1/3 of the selling price non-refundable deposit to reserve a kitten once you have selected the one who is perfect for you. Delivery fees are not included but are generaly negociated with the selling price. Your Savannah kitten(s) will arrive to you with his or her pedigree, vaccination record, health guarantee on congenital/hereditary desease, veterinary health check up, and a free trial insurance PET SECURE. All First Choice Savannahs' kittens are registered with TICA. If you are purchasing a pet in Canada or USA, he or she may be neutered or spayed prior to delivery. We also offer full registration with breeding rights to select catteries.


We now hand deliver all our kittens to the closest airport to your house, in Canada, USA or Mexico! We are happy to offer this very personal service, it upgrades the adoption process in a beautiful way, as we have now the opportunity to meet every adoptive families! We have cats in every provinces even Inuvik, all across Canada, USA and Mexico!! Make sure you know what generations are allowed where you live! Feel free to ask if you don't know! There is a savannah for you! 


Be aware there are a lot of scams in the Savannah F1 and Serval breeding world!
A spectacular picture with a very cheap price would most likely be a rip-off!


This is a picture of ``Dragon`` at adult age, we just got another kitten in this stunning color!!! ask for more pictures! this is a very rare kitten!!


``T-Bone``our Stunning F6A is gone in Winnipeg, look at this face!


``Titan``this stunning f2 kitten is now one of our pride!! look at this gorgeous cat!


Cheetah, F2 male at 4 months, he has found his family! SOLD

Clic on the slide show to see more of our pasted kittens.......


PRICES (canadian currency)


F1 : not available

F1HP (Up to 75% serval blood): not available  
F2 : 5,000 - 10,000$

F3: 3,000-5,000$

F5-6: 1000-1500$

SERVAL CUBS : Not available

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