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All our Savannahs are affectionate, playful, curious and vocal! Savannahs express themselves in their own language to communicate what they want! You can play catch and they’ll bring back your ball just like a dog! They love water games, observing what you do at home, and will follow you around very much like a curious and interested child! If you get a Savannah kitten, they get along easily with any other pets you might already have. Savannah cats grow until 2 to 3 years of age. They are very bright cats that can be trained just like a dog and your Savannah may love to go on a walk with a leash.

All of our kittens are bottle-fed. They are raised to be clean and to use a litter box. We’re quite proud of our success! First generations require rigorous training in cleanliness and good behaviour. Making the cats a pleasure to live with is the first thing a breeder does. We raise kittens in our family as well as with other pets to get them accustomed to living with other animals. First Choice Savannahs has developed methods and techniques that meet the needs of kings and queens. This has caused us to have an excellent reputation among the breeders of Savannah cats around the world. Any buyers from Canada receive a guarantee of quality breeding with all our cats. First Choice Savannahs offers a satisfaction guaranteed, personal and detailed contract as well as certified TICA registrations papers. Our Cats are sure to meet with the highest expectations of the most discerning customer.

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  1. Emma and lovely Cece!

  2. Salem, 7 months old!

  3. Salem, 7 months old!

  4. Rose and serval cubs

  5. Kenya f2 savannah female

  6. Sahara f2 savannah female

  7. Maximus, 10 months old

  8. Sahara f2 savannah female

  9. Kalhua, 3 months old

  10. Emma and serval kitten

  11. Young servals Rose and Boomboom

  12. Rose, serval female

  13. Salem, 7 months old

  14. Emma and lovely Cece!

  15. Spencer and Prissy!

  16. Serval cubs, Soca and Boomboom

  17. Leo-Romeo, f2 male, 6 month old

  18. Serval cubs, Bamboo and Palissa

  19. Serval Bamboo and f2 Leo-Romeo!

  20. Sahara, f2 female, at 2 months